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The city of Garachico is a little gem with its historic buildings, that can be found in the northwest of Tenerife, 60 km from Santa Cruz de Tenerife. It was founded on a peninsula, more precisely a volcanic inlet; and for many years was the main commercial port on the north coast, from where the wine and sugar was taken to the New World. In 1706 the nearby Negro volcano eruption destroyed a large part of the town.

The city's bizarre coastline developed because of the meeting of the sea and the lava. Boating here is very dangerous due to the volcanic reefs. However, the meeting of lava and ocean developed more flat basins, where the water flows in at high tide, and gets trapped there at low tide. Swimming in these basins is a very unique experience. During a walk in the pleasantly atmospheric historic town center, between the 16th- 17th century houses, the whole history of Garachico is visible to the visitor.

This is one of the best-preserved cities in the Canary Islands, from a historical and architectural perspective. In 1994 it was added to the list of cultural heritage in the historical buildings category, and Thanks to its artistic values, and the fine arts gold medal was awarded to it. The ruins of the port and the buildings in the old town that survived, are now one of the most beautiful and atmospheric sights of the island. The sightseeing in Garacho should be supplemented with nature exploration, for instance in the Interián inlet, the Chinyero volcano and the Culata rocks.

The road leading north form Garacho takes you to the Montana de Taco water reserves, which is the biggest on the island, and is located in a volcanic crater. The Punta de Teno volcanic peak is just 11 km away from here, and there’s a lighthouse on the top which is famous because of its sunrise.

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