La Orotava - Silent relaxation in Paradise

La Orovata is located in the north of Tenerife in a beautiful valley of the same name. It is distinguished by its attractive architecture and charming authentic Canarian atmosphere. The whole area is a stunning showcase of picturesque buildings and quaint cobbled streets. The old town of La Orotava is full of historic monuments and unique architectural examples of the island's rich history, like the Concepcion Parish Church or the Casa de los Balcones (house of the balconies).

Besides these beautiful buildings, the town also has a botanical garden, the Hijuela del Botanico and several blooming parks and gardens where one can relieve their troubled minds and relax. In the city centre the Jardin Victoria (Victoria Garden), also known as the Jardines del Marquesado de la Quinta Roja, is a recreational green area with many walking paths amid trees and flowers. In the Orotava Mountains there are many paths where one can enjoy trekking excursions, some of which reach the protected national park area of Canadas del Teide.

If that's still not enough, La Orotava offers three beautiful volcanic sand beaches - El Bollullo, Martin Alonso and El Rincon. Rent a Car in Tenerife will get you around on the best vehicles you can choose from.

Tenerife is incredibly diverse, stunning and contrast-rich, alternating between cliffs and deep ravines, diverse vegetation and romantic inlets. Travel to Tenerife, and let yourself be enchanted by the diversity and beauty of the island!

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