On the western side of Tenerife there is a small village, Masca, which has extraordinary assets. Beautiful sights await the traveler in Masca: the cliffs, the ravines, the ocean, the hilly landscape, the typical buildings, and the palm trees give an indescribable and unforgettable experience. Masca, the forgotten village, lies amid beautiful surroundings, at a height of almost 600 metres. This mountain village has a population of just 150 people, and until the 1960s it was so isolated that it could only be reached on foot or on the back of a mule; a road was only built later. Apparently, hundreds of years ago, the village was a pirate camp. Even today, there are stories about treasure hidden deep inside the caves of the mountain. The white houses built on the slope of the hill are very distinctive, and they give the village an unparalleled atmosphere. However, not all of these houses are inhabited, as many residents moved to other parts of Tenerife.

Right next to Masca, there is a terrace, from which the beautiful surroundings can be seen: on one side, you can see the Teide Mountain, on the other, the Atlantic Ocean. Even today, getting to the village isn’t easy, although you can drive to Masca by car. A steep, winding road leads up to the tiny settlement. The road is so narrow, that the planning engineers built small stopping spaces, so that the cars can pass next to each other. From the winding road, you can see the beautiful hills and valleys all the way. The landscape is already jaw-dropping on the way up, but when you reach Masca, you’ll see unparalleled beauty. Whoever would like to get to know the sights of Tenerife that are far from tourist centres, should definitely visit Masca.

Tenerife is the biggest of the Canary Islands, with one of the most diverse surfaces, and landscapes with microclimates that are almost completely different from each other. It is in many ways a paradise for tourists, because on top of the pleasant climate, nearly every leisure activity can be found on the island.

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