Playa de las Americas to Punta de Teno

This road trip takes you through Tenerife’s diverse natural beauty - breathtaking views of the mountains and ocean guaranteed!

From Playa de las Américas, Tenerife’s party capital, we head north and follow the coast line until we reach our first destination: Playa de los Guíos. On the black sandy beach, you will feel small next to Los Gigantes, Tenerife’s about 500m high cliffs.

Via serpentine roads, we make our way up into the Teno mountains, to the Mirador de Masca. Masca is a mountain village and the vista is just stunning: high mountains, deep gorges and behind, the deep-blue sea.

From the mountains, we take it back down to sea level. Punta de Teno offers spectacular views of Tenerife’s dramatic cliffs plunging into the wild ocean.

As we move on, the landscape gets greener and you see banana plantations and terraced farming on the side of the road.

We pass through Erjos, and soon the landscape becomes more mountainous, with pine trees and bushes.
When we get to Mirador de Samara, the dark lava soil and rocks give witness to the volcanic history of Tenerife. The landscape gets sparser, opening to amazing views. At Mirador de Chio you might wonder if you are still on Tenerife (or on the moon), due to the bizarre volcanic landscape.

We pass through La Escalona and shortly after, we can already catch a glimpse of the coast.
Watching the sunset at Playa de las Américas will be the perfect ending for this day!

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