Puerto de Santiago

Puerto de Santiago

Puerto de Santiago was once a fishing village, but today it has grown into a middling sized tourist centre, and for quite some time it’s been merging with its two neighbours, the resorts Los Gigantes and Playa la Arena.

The huge holiday area of the southwestern coast of Tenerife starts at Puerto Santiago, which also means that the town boasts a lot of hotels and holiday homes, but the result of this is that it is overbuilt, which detracts from the beauty of the place to some extent. However, Puerto de Santiago isn’t nearly as noisy and hectic as Los Gigantes and Playa la Arena; here you still have the option for a calm retreat. There is a road through Puerto de Santiago, the Avenida Maritima which is the go-to place for partying and shopping.

There are many bars, boutiques, and casinos, and all this resembles the roads in Tenerife. Los Gigantes is famous because of its gigantic cliffs, and this is indicated in its name: Los Gigantes means ‘the giants’ in Spanish. The cliffs are indeed huge; some of them reach 500, or even 800 metres. The place is often visited by tourists, and because of this there are many hotels, holiday homes and other places to stay.

At the foot of Los Gigantes lies the 200 metre long Playa de los Guios beach with its special, black sand. However, you should take care with the water, because the weather can change very quickly – a green flag is shown if it’s safe to bathe.

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